Australia Testimonial – Jackie – Nova Scotia


 Home: Nova Scotia

University: MSVU

Subject Area: Primary


What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

Leading Out’s been a huge help with everything. I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions and they always responds quickly. I came to Australia uncertain of how things will work, but Leading Out’s managed to find me the job, keep me in touch with what’s going on and other opportunities around. Leading Out has also helped me outside of the teaching area and allowed me to be comfortable with being in a foreign place.

The best place traveled within Australia:

It would be hard to narrow it down but my favourate spot so far would have to be Phillip Island. There are tons of things to do on the Island. We took a car there and spent a couple days exploring the Wildlife Park (which was the best because you can feed the Kangaroos), Nobbies, Koala Conservatory and the beaches.

I am now working my way around Australia, housesitting, woofing and have also worked at least 3 months so that I now have a 2nd Working Holiday Visa!

Tips for International Teachers?

Travel as much as you can while you are here. Time flies and honestly make the most of being here rather than worrying about what lesson you will teach. It’s hard to look at the big picture and balance work and travel but dont forget to have the time-of-your-life that you intended to have when you were planning to come.

Couchsurf and house sit as much as you can. Accommodation is not cheap and my partner and I are looking at $40/night as the cheapest place. We invested one time fees for couchsurfing and housesitting and one night of either saves tons.

Couchsurfing allows you to literally sleep on people’s couches for a night or a few nights. You can use this resource anywhere around the world and meet new people along the way. It’s not only meant for a place to stay but for just going out for coffee, or chats. You set a profile up of yourself and apply for where you would like to stay.

Housesitting is the same concept but you look after people’s homes while they are away. There are many sites you can find on this and the link below is the one we chose. It is also used for anywhere around the world. You set a profile up and apply for the houses. After this term we are off to the city for 2 weeks then Adelaide for a month on the beach. A lot of these places do have pets but most don’t need a lot of attention and you can request no pets.?

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I’ve actually been teaching outside of the city on a contract. It’s been a really great experience.

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