Primary Teachers – What to Expect in Australia

The most important factor for us when helping people find primary teaching jobs in Australia is that they are happy before, during and after their stay. We pride ourselves on giving honest advice and feedback to our teachers even if it isn’t always the best news. The last thing we want is an unhappy teacher half way across the world and we do try our very best to avoid this.

With the surplus of teachers in most parts of Canada, America and even in the UK, primary teachers contact us with the hopes of securing a full-time primary teaching job in Australia.

Things have changed in Australia for Primary Teachers

Primary teachers are no longer in a shortage in Australia, in fact in most parts there is a surplus. This is not good news because it does mean that it is highly unlikely you will get a full-time short-term or long-term contract before you venture over the Australia.

What Can Primary Teachers Rely On?

Australian schools like to see primary teachers in the classroom with the kids, working with the curriculum and this can be done through casual relief/supply work (CRT). After seeing you in the classroom and with some experience under your belt, you will find that contract positions might come up. So April to November is a great time to plan on working as a teacher in Australia.

When to come for Casual Relief Teaching?

We always tell our teachers the same thing…the beginning of the year (aka Feb & March) are very slow since schools have only started the year and the sun is still shining. Once sports have started, professional development for teachers and other meetings, and when the sun is no longer warming everyone up (aka winter), this becomes the busiest time for casual relief teachers (tips for Australian winters). BUT, the end of the year also slows down as schools wind down and the sun starts warming everyone up and the end is near.

How Can You Find Primary Teaching Jobs in Australia?

Keep in mind that your Working Holiday Visa allows you to do as many jobs as you want (as well as the 2nd Working Holiday visa)  so many of our primary teachers work as a tutor; work in a daycare; restaurant work etc.

We also recommend primary teachers get additional qualifications or something unique to their resume. Teaching French always helps, being an ICT specialist is an asset, having an intermediate qualification is a definite benefit.

We are sorry that we don’t have better news but we want to be straight up with our teachers and anyone who is thinking about coming to Australia. There is definitely work available during certain parts of the year for primary teachers, and contracts do come up, but you have to be prepared to go to Australia with casual work in mind, be open-minded and obtain unique experiences where you can.

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