Obtaining a Second Working Holiday Visa in Australia

As mentioned in one of our latest blogs on the Working Holiday Visa in Australia, it is a one year visa and can be extended by doing particular work for 3-months in your first year. Most of our work is with teachers who want to teach during their first year of the 417 Working Holiday visa, but there are options during the year, where work can be done to get a 2nd Working Holiday visa in Australia.

Why would you want a Second Working Holiday Visa?

We explain to our teachers, that the 417 Working Holiday visa lets them work and travel throughout Australia for an entire year doing whatever they like. The only major stipulation is that they can only work with one employer for up to 6 months. Once the Working Holiday visa is over, it is much more difficult to stay. Likely most will need to obtain a full-time position and get sponsored by an employer. This is called the 457 Business Sponsorship visa and you are then bound to that employer and cannot work with anyone else.

The benefit of getting the Second Working Holiday visa, is it allows you to continue working as many jobs as you want in Australia, while travelling, and you are not bound to any employer. This is fantastic for teachers who are enjoying casual relief teaching, tutoring, holiday programs, and perhaps picking up jobs during vacation at a surf shop or in a bar etc. You won’t be able to do this on the Business Sponsorship visa.

So how do you obtain a Second Working Holiday Visa?

During your first Working Holiday visa, you must spend 3 months doing specified work in rural areas in Australia. For teachers this works well to complete the 3 months over the summer and term holidays.

The Specified work can be found on the Immigration site and some examples include: 

  • picking fruits on a farm or orchard
  • feeding and herding cattle which are kept for commercial purposes
  • constructing a house
  • extracting ore on a mine site.
  • This work can be paid or volunteer work. Another fantastic organization is WWoofing where you volunteer your time to do work, and your board and food are included. There are many fantastic opportunities to travel and see the country, while WWoofing and making a difference. Plus this will assist you with your 3-months specified work towards a Second Working Holiday visa.

    Just remember, the Working Holiday visa is unique and no other visa (as an overseas visitor) will give you the flexibility that you will want while travelling and working in Australia!

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