Is Everything in Australia more expensive?

Is it true that everything in Australia is more expensive?

When teachers from Canada, and USA arrive in Melbourne, Australia one of the first things they say is that they can’t believe how expensive things are. But is this just a bit of culture shock?; or have they not taken into account the exchange rate difference?; or perhaps it is true!

So what is noticeably more expensive in Australia?

1) Rent – it doesn’t matter how many times it is explained to our teachers that their is a rental shortage in Melbourne, Australia so rent is high, they all wait til they arrive and see for themselves how expenisve it really is!

2) Coffee/Muffins – if you are used to Tim Horton’s in Canada then you will be shocked to find out that one muffin in Australia can cost you $4 and a coffee is about the same! No more 2 dollar breakfasts!

3) Soft drinks/pop/soda – Whatever you call it in your country things like Coca-cola or Nestea Ice Tea is expensive!

4) White Goods – Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers. The worst part is that if you rent an unfurnished place, more often than not, this will not include a fridge or washing machine so get ready to search for the deals.

5) Beer – a 6-pack can cost $17-$20 so look for bargains at Dan Murphys for a case (sometimes for $40!)

What else do you find expensive in Australia? Or more importantly, what isn’t expensive in Australia?

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How is save so that you can afford to live and travel throughout Australia?

4 Comments to Is Everything in Australia more expensive?

  1. Ieja Sharikin says:

    yes!I definitely agree. It is expensive.Almost everthing which I not sure why. I have stayed in UK before. It is not as expensive as here.Everything here is just so expensive.

  2. chris says:

    It sure is, why is coke (cola),beer and meat so expensive here?

  3. Andrea says:

    Food is expensive… and I’m talking about all types of food – fresh veggies, meat, chips, drinks….everything! It is definitely a HUGE cultural shock when you come from countries such as the USA where you can shop at a .99c store.

  4. Andrew says:

    People are forgeting the minimum and average wages are much higher in Australia than the USA and UK. Higher wages = higher costs.

    You can find things cheaper, just shop around. Also Australia has no tax on anything you import from overseas under $1000. This is great for importing electronics, clothes etc.

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