Living on a Teacher’s Salary in Australia

FreeDigitalPhotos.NetVictorian teacher salaries are competitive with Ontario’s. You can live perfectly well on a teacher’s salary in Melbourne if you are attentive to a budget. I know quite a few people who travel as much as they like and go out as much as they like on a teacher’s salary: I’m one of them.

But many teachers do not want to be committed to a full-time position when they come to Australia to travel. On a Working HOliday VISA there aren’t any working restrictions.

Making money by not Teaching:

If you are on the Working Holiday Visa, you can have as many jobs as you like. Tutoring is an excellent complement.

5 Reasons to Consider Being a Tutor:

  • you set your hours;
  • if your motivation is money,  as a certified teacher you can charge;
  • you can really help someone out by charging a bit less than private tutors;
  • gigs are easily arranged with Leading Out;
  • there are ample opportunites at every school;

Minimum Wage in Australia

Also, be aware that you won’t be wasting your time with “minimum wage”. While minimum wage is still not quite professional work, it is significantly higher than minimum wage in Canada; on average, employees earn ~$15/hour.

As the Cafe Capital of Australia, Melbourne has plenty of opportunites to work in the restaurant/bar industry.

Working in a Bar/Cafe/Restaurant

Tipping is not mandatory, or typical, in Australia. Thus, you won’t get tips as a bartender, etc.

However, this doesn’t really matter because you’re getting paid minimum wage (instead of the server’s wage $5.95/hour in Ontario). So, it’s actually a far more stable than working Canadian serving industry.

THE BEST NEWS: You get paid $14.95/hour (minimum wage) and your pay doesn’t depend on whether the place is busy or not!

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