Channel Nine nearly got it right – Vancouver Winter Olympics

After all the bad commentating and press, Channel Nine changed their tactics for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. They gave Eddie McGuire an afternoon roll, Mick Malloy was hardly on at all, and the evening show was taken over by the female and male commentators that were doing the afternoon show. Well done Channel Nine in Australia.

Then just today, they played all the live events and let the tv audience actually see the sport at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. I nearly made the mistake to say that Channel Nine had finally figured it out and were listening to their audience.

Sadly, as they finished their coverage for the day, after announcing that the final event – the Men’s Olympic Hockey game (Canada vs. USA) – would be the most watched sporting event in history – they continued to say coverage would start on Channel Nine at 9am. After careful calculation, I realized that although the rest of the world would be watching this historical tv sporting event, Australia would be watching it two hours after it started! How does a TV station (Channel Nine) that I assume was hoping to make a lot of money from the coverage of the Olympic Games, mess up so much that they will be one of the only nations NOT showing the Olympic Men’s Hockey Final Live.

What does this mean for all of us viewers? Well if you don’t have Foxtel, then you either have to watch it two hours later with the rest of the world already knowing what happened, or get up at 7am and go to your local pub to watch it! That’s where I will have to be to share this historical tv moment unfold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

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