All you need to know about Melbourne

Melbourne: the Most ‘Livable’ City & Sporting Capital of the world!

Melbourne always has something going on! Whether it be street festivals, concerts, shopping, sporting events, theatre, there is something for everyone. Check out the links below to stay informed on all of the activities offered in Melbourne.

Public Transportation in Melbourne

Melbourne’s public transport system is easy and affordable. One MET card allows you on any train, tram, or bus. There are many choices: 2 hour, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly MET card passes. If you are here for an extended period of time, Leading Out suggests a monthly MET card as it is cheaper in the long run. For schedules and fares, please go to:

Travel Time from Melbourne to Other Cities in Australia

Melbourne is a great city as it is fairly central to other major destinations. When traveling to Melbourne from an international destination or domestically, make sure to fly into the Tullamarine airport which is only 20 minutes to the city. The Avalon airport may have cheaper fares but it is about an hour and half from Melbourne. If traveling domestically use Virgin Blue, Tiger Airways or Jet Star for cheap flights.

Further travel discounts are available to Leading Out teachers.

  Driving Flying
Adelaide 8 hours 1 hour
Ayer’s Rock – Alice Springs 24 hours 3 hours
Brisbane 18 hours 2 hours
Canberra 7 hours 1 hour
Darwin 40 hours 3 hours
Gold Coast 17 hours 2 hours
Perth 36 hours 3 hours
Sydney 12 hours 1 hour
Tasmania 7 hours on Ferry 45 mins

Four Seasons in One Day? – Find out about the weather in Melbourne!

You can check out Melbourne current weather at the links below. If you want to know what the winter weather is like, click here.

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