Australia Testimonial – Sara – Toronto, ON


Home: Toronto, Ontario

University: York

Subject Area: Primary

What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

Leading Out was really good about answering the little questions that I had before arriving in Australia. It’s always the small things that you need answers to and it was helpful to have someone who could help. There are some things that you need to figure out on your own, but many things were set up and ready for me when I got off the plane. During my stay, Leading Out was there to be a support system in a sense. When things don’t go quite as you planned, they’re there to help get you back on track or offer suggestions to help you navigate a system that you’re unfamiliar with.

Tips for International Teachers?

– Bring plug adapters

– Be prepared to spend a bit of cash when you first arrive on things like douvets, sheets, towels, etc.

– Come with clothes for EVERY type of weather. Melbourne has four seasons in 1 day. You’ll wake up and think it’s going to be grey and rainy, then midday it’s blue skies, sunny and hot, then on your way home it’s freezing cold. Layers, layers, layers.

– Write down directions before you leave the house in the morning of how to get where you need to go. Your memory isn’t as good as you think it is, and when you’re somewhere different every day you’ll likely forget where you’re going.

– Bus drivers don’t know where the buses go. This is not news to anyone who lives here, and even though I’ve said it, it’ll still shock you when you figure it out for yourself.

The best place travelled within Australia:

When I visited Australia on a tourist visa in 2006 the best place that I visited was this Kangaroo rescue shelter in Alice Springs. It happened that we found it by chance one afternoon killing time before our flight out, it was the cheapest thing we paid for on our whole trip only costing $5 and was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. You walk in and there are about 20 baby Kangaroos hopping around your feet in these small little paddocks. The amazing part is that you actually get to hold and cuddle these Joeys. I’ll never forget it.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I enjoyed CRT work because every day was like an adventure. You’d wake up in the morning not knowing where you were headed and then the phone rings with your mission, should you choose to accept it, and then once you’ve checked Metlink you’re off to meet new people, see a different classroom, learn a new tram route. The transportation system, although not always reliable, does go to most places so Melbourne is great in that sense. Being a CRT without a car just means you have to plan in advance for the inevitable Connex message on the loud speaker announcing that “the 7.54 am train to Greensborough will not run today” in which case you’re happy you left yourself plenty of time to catch the next one, which won’t be along for another 15 minutes or more!

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