Australia Testimonia – James – Halifax, NS


Home: Halifax, Nova Scotia

University: Acadia

Subject Area: Science & Mathematics



What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

The Leading Out services are first class services that every traveling teacher should take advantage of. All the services have assisted me in a stress free transition, from being picked up at the airport, to having a network of Canadian teachers to make me feel at home, everything about this program has exceeded my expectations and would recommend this program to anyone wanting to travel and teach.

My girlfriend and I were very nervous about leaving Canada and teaching in a new country. Leading out made this transition pain free. We e-mailed They were extremely helpful and would reply almost immediately. We were picked up at the airport, then set us up with our banking information and cell phones all within one hour of being in Australia. what service!! All the tedious things that must be done will get done right away. We also took advantage of the accommodation that is great, new, clean, everything’s included and have its own gym. My girlfriend and I have enjoyed living in house so much we have signed a lease until we leave. The excursions that Leading Out plans are a great way to meet people so go on them.

Tips for International Teachers?

If you are coming to teach in Australia go through the Leading Out program. You get to relax and enjoy your holiday and they help you with everything. Do not panic if you get here and want to go home in the first couple days. Melbourne is a great city but takes a couple weeks to warm up to. Once you are settled and recovered from jet lag you will begin to love the city and the things to do. Take advantage of your time off and travel. If you do not have a car get a month public transportation pass right away, it will save you money. Be prepared for the Melbourne weather. It is not always hot like you may believe. In the summer it is hot in Melbourne and can get up to 40 degrees but in the winter it is cold and you will need sweaters and jackets. Buy an umbrella it can be sunny in Melbourne and then two seconds later it can be raining so be prepared. There are so many festivals and events going on in Melbourne make sure you stay informed.

The best place travelled within Australia:

The best trip I have been on so far has been the Leading Out excursion to the Yarra Valley for wine tasting. This was a great experience that was cheap, fun and a great way to meet the Leading Out crew. I would also recommend going to Jan Juc beach which is just a little more than an hours drive away or a two hour train / bus ride. This beach is nice and has the biggest waves I have ever seen! You must try surfing, you can get a lesson for $55 and this will get you all the gear and 3 to 4 hours of surfing. So fun, it’s a must do!! Rent a car and take two or three days and drive the great ocean road. You will not be disappointed!! Melbourne is a great city and I recommend spending a couple days just walking around the city and alley ways, there are so many neat and cool places hidden away. There is always something going on in Melbourne so it is impossible to get bored or run out of new things to try.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I have enjoyed the whole experience of teaching in Melbourne. The schools are great, the staff is great, and the pay is better than in Canada. The transition has been stress free.

Victorian schools offer you more freedom in the classroom compared to Canadian schools. It’s a much more laid back atmosphere and I find the material you teach or your methods of teaching are not monitored as closely. I have enjoyed this and have tried lessons that I never would have had the courage to do in Canada. There is great support for graduate teachers and they have a mentor programs. The biggest change would not be with the school or structure but with the personality of the students and staff. Australians I find are very easy going and stress free people (for the most part). As a result, the classrooms are not as structured but no less productive. Report writing is completely different so make sure to start it early and ask questions. Another change, for the better is the amount of time off you get when teaching here. You get two weeks off after every three months and then a month holiday at Christmas time. This is a great way to break up terms and travel. Teaching in Victorian has been an enjoyable experience and I would recommend it!

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