Australia Testimonial – Katie – Toronto, ON


Home: Toronto, Ontario

University: Western

Subject Area: Primary

What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

Leading Out has provided more than just teaching opportunities.  Leading Out gives trustworthy advice on daily life in Australia, for example what to do when your landlord is not treating you fairly. Leading Out also has some great social events that provide an excellent opportunity to meet people in the same shoes as yourself.  My two friends and I came to Australia together, excited for a new adventure; we never thought we would meet such amazing lifelong friends along the way at Leading Out events.

Tips for International Teachers?

Listen to the advice that is given by Leading Out, they know what they are talking about.  Be prepared for colder weather in Melbourne than you might expect.  Do as many exciting things as you can while in Melbourne, there is so much to take advantage of.

The best place travelled within Australia:

It is very difficult to choose just one place that I would consider to be the best.  I have heaps of travelling to do still, but so far the most memorable and breathtaking place I have been would be Bondi Beach in New South Wales.  The atmosphere, the weather, the beach are all exactly what I expected when coming to Australia.  It is just a short bus ride from Sydney’s city centre and a great way to spend a couple days at a white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I did CRT work my entire stay in Melbourne. I loved having the flexibility of choosing which days during the week I would like to work.  I loved not having to worry about planning lessons, perform assessment, or write reports. My only job was to show up with a smile on my face and a few “back-pocket” activities in case a teacher did not leave any work. The most enjoyable part of CRT teaching is the excitement of heading into a new school to experience just a little of what happens in their daily lives.

There are many similarities between teaching in Canada and Victoria.  The grade levels coincide with the ages of the students at home, primary school students learn all the same subjects with a focus on maths and language skills, and the school administration has a similar set up.

All public schools have uniforms, wearing hats at recess are mandatory in some terms, some terminology for everyday items is different, and generally the demeanour of Australian students and teachers is much more laidback.

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