Australia Testimonial – Karolina – Sweden



Home: Jonkoping, Sweden

University: Jonkoping

Subject Area: French

What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

From the very beginning Leading Out has given me all the support and information I needed to dare taking the step to move and work in Australia. I got a lot of information about life in Australia: school system, accommodation, travelling etc. Also an interview was set up with the school, which gave me my current job. Furthermore, I got help with the questions I had for my VISA application. Once I arrived in Australia, I’ve taking part in many of the activities Leading Out offers to overseas teachers. I like that I can always contact Leading Out if I have any questions or concerns. It’s nice to feel that you have the support when you’re far away from home.

The best place travelled within Australia:

As a teacher you have the advantage of having a lot of breaks to use for travelling, and so far I’ve been to Mornington Peninsula, Philip Island and The Great Ocean Road. I’ve also been to Sydney where I stayed at a really nice hostel just by Bondi Beach. I found Sydney to be a really beautiful city with a lot to see and do, for example climbing the Harbour Bridge!

I also travelled to New Zealand which is definitely my highlight so far when it comes to my travelling during my stay in Australia. There are cheap flights and easy to find good hostels. It’s the perfect place for someone who loves beautiful nature and adventure! Kayaking, bungy jumping, swimming with dolphins, horse back riding and rafting were activities that I experienced while being here.

My next plans are to discover more of Australia and travel up north and experience the Great Barrier Reef.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I had contract work before leaving Sweden through a phone interview that Leading Out set up for me. Now the school is sponsoring me to be here on a longer term visa . To have a long term contract at the same school has really given me the possibility to get involved with the school, get to know the students and the staff, the culture and the school system.

From the very beginning I was impressed by all the extra curriculum activities that the school offers the students. All the sport activities and the camps that the school organizes creates a good unity among students at school. As a teacher I’ve been offered to be involved with this and I’ve got to see new places in Australia thanks to the school. It’s also a great way to get to know students outside the classroom.

Also the school uniform is an obvious difference, but I honestly think it’s positive for the students (even though they are very quick to complain about it). It takes away the pressure of having the newest clothes and the most fashionable, and it is easier for everyone to fit in.

Compared to Swedish students it’s a bit harder to motivate them to learn French. Most of them will not continue with the subject after year 9 and their final grade won’t really matter for their future studies. This has forced me as a teacher to adapt my lessons to the different levels in the classroom and the different level of motivation. It’s sometimes a big challenge but it has sure made me develop as a language teacher!

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