Australia Testimonial – Jessica – Kingston, ON


Home: Kingston, Ontario

University: Queen’s

Subject Area: English/Physical Education


What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

Overall, my experience with Leading Out and our time so far in Australia has been phenomenal and I would recommend this opportunity to all those who have ever dreamed of living up a year down under! Leading Out is incredibly supportive and assisted us not only with teaching questions, but also gave us advice about landlord dilemmas, tax information, gave travel advice and was basically available if we had any problems or concerns. Leading Out provides a service necessary for international teachers in order to help them get started, find your feet after that long plane ride and provide continued assistance with day-to-day teaching and life queries.

Deciding to come to Australia is a huge decision and one that two of my friends and myself made coming out of the UWO Teacher’s College program.  It has proven to be the best decision we could have ever made!  We are having a blast in Melbourne, Australia and have had the opportunity to gain some teaching experience while we’re here. Leading Out has been a big part of our positive experience down under.

Tips for International Teachers?

We arrived in late January during some of the hottest weather I’ve ever experienced – walking down the street we felt like we had just stepped inside an oven! I would definitely recommend coming during the busier times of year for CRT work as there is not much work at the start of the school year.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I was lucky enough to score a contract position for term two (thanks to Leading Out) and absolutely loved it! The schools that I did CRT work at were very welcoming, the staff were incredibly friendly and the students always had something hilarious to say about your “Canadian” accent. One of the biggest differences that I have found between the Victorian education system and the Ontario Education system is the organization. Overall, my impression of the Victorian system is that Australians are incredibly easy-going, and for this reason things are often not as organized and well managed as they are at home. However, this style has it’s benefits as well – the students adapt well, the curriculum allows for a lot of flex, and the staff and admin never seem to be bothered by this lack of direction.

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