Australia Testimonia – Oksana – Windsor, ON


 Home: Windsor, Ontario

 University: Windsor

 Subject Area: Primary



What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

From the moment I started planning my adventure to Australia, I had Leading Out guiding my way. Everything was very well organized and planned to make the transition smooth. Leading Out was there to answer any of my endless questions and concerns. With detailed lists and information packages, I was prepared for the next step along the way. A lot of the stressing from coming to a new country was lifted off my shoulders with the help of Leading Out. From opening bank accounts to help finding suitable accommodation, I was left with little to worry about. After two days of traveling it was nice to meet the person behind all the e-mails. I was taken to my place and shown around the area.

Tips for International Teachers? 

When coming to Australia to teach, come prepared to teach an array of subjects and age groups for CRT work. Try to get in traveling whenever you can, there really is so much to see here. And of course, chose a great recruiting company such as Leading Out to assist you along the way.

The best place traveled within Australia:

The best place that I have gone to so far would have to be Tasmania. It was definitely an escape from the big city life. The roads were unpredictable and was edge of your seat driving. I have never seen such gorgeous scenery and landscape. Another great thing was I got to hand feed kangaroos and see Tasmania Devils.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria? 

Being able to share my passion for teaching with another country. I find that a lot of my conversations with my students lead to sharing our differences and similarities from our own countries. It is exciting to grow in the profession with the support of your fellow colleagues. I also enjoy seeing how different countries have their curriculum set up and brought forth to the students.

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