Over the past few years, teaching has become quite a popular profession, saturating many markets worldwide, and frustrating prospective teachers (that’s you) with lack of employment opportunities in their home country.

It’s time to stop your dreams from slipping away! With the help of Leading Out, you can travel and gain teaching experience while making an excellent salary in one of the many countries that currently need teachers.

Our extensive global network of schools allows us to place you in some of the most desirable locations, such as Australia and the Middle East.

Are you already working with an agency?

We can still assist you by personally sending out your profile to schools for contract or permanent work. While you are busy travelling or working as a CRT, we will be searching for a quality contract to suit your skills.

Leading Out can help you with:

Employment in Education (Permanent Full-Time, Casual Relief teaching/Supply, Contracts)

  • Resume Building
  • Resume Profiling
  • Mentorship
  • Visa
  • Relocation
  • Banking
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Advice
  • Teaching Resources
Visa Services

Did you know you require a work permit in order to teach internationally?

Depending on where you’re heading, this process can sometimes be lengthy and confusing (and more often than not, involves enough paperwork to bring the average person to tears).

Fortunately for you we’ve done this before, and are happy to show you the ropes. Let us show you who to talk to, what’s required, and how long it will take to ensure a speedy and successful visa application.

Relocation Services

Whether you’re teaching in Melbourne or Dubai, we have relocation services to help you get there and settled with ease. Our trusted network of tourism operators provide Leading Out teachers with exclusive discounts and benefits when booking with us!

But where will you live when you get there? Glad you asked.

Whether you’re in an apartment or house, fully furnished or empty and waiting for you to make it home, we can setup appropriate accommodation to suit your personal needs – and even make sure the pillows are fluffed for your arrival. (Though there are no promises it will be as good as when your Mom used to do it.)

Banking Services

With special hookups at our preferred banks, Leading Out can help you to set up foreign bank accounts before you even leave home. This lets you conveniently wire funds ahead of time, decreasing overseas banking fees, reducing the amount of money you carry while traveling, and minimizing hassle upon starting your exciting new life.

 Medical and Travel Insurance Services

As international teachers, it’s important to take necessary precautions to keep yourselves healthy and safe while living abroad. Regardless of employment, some foreign countries and employers do not provide you with free medical care, and an apple a day might not cut it.

We suggest you purchase private travel and medical insurance to compliment any previously existing coverage you might already have.

Who do you go to and how much is required? Ask us and we’ll explain it all– just what the doctor ordered.

 Travel Assistance and Advice

What Better Way To See The World?

While teaching is top priority when signing up with Leading Out, we also strongly encourage our teachers to travel and explore.

While your typical traveler only witnesses a palmful of culture, you will be experiencing life in a new country, with privileges and opportunities that go beyond the souvenir kiosks and photo ops.

Our staff have lived and taught in North America, South America, Europe, Australasia, and the Middle East – just to name a few places. We’ve taken the tourist-y trips and braved the off-the-beaten-track ones, taking notes and pictures along the way.

As your mentors in employment and travel, we’re excited to teach you about all of the insider travel opportunities that arise while teaching abroad. Through our combined experiences and friendships established over the years, we have been able to arrange many unique and discounted travel excursions exclusive to Leading Out teachers.

From detailed itineraries to discounted travel, we look forward to making your international teaching experience something to write home about (or at least Instagram).

Teaching Resources

As educators, it’s important that we remain lifelong learners.

In a commitment to our ‘educere’ philosophy, Leading Out seeks to encourage professional development in all areas at the forefront of education: environmental education; safe schools (anti-bullying); ICT integration; diversity acceptance.

 “Teach With Leading Out” Blog

Our Blog “Teach With Leading Out”, provides you with stories about teaching, life overseas, recipes, travel ideas, teaching tips, and much more.

ICT-Effective Integration Within the Classroom

Our database of classroom resources is absolutely enormous. As a Leading Out teacher we invite you to contact us directly if you require any assistance with lesson plans or classroom activities. Just one of the many ways we make this process a little more comfortable for our teachers.

Do you have any educational resources or lesson plans that can make a difference? Contact Us
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