Appropriate connections are what we do best.

Finally, you can hire well-trained, high quality teachers. Whether it’s in a last minute rush or a predicted role change, we have the individual you’re searching for. We supply schools around the globe with teachers who we have been personally interviewed and processed.

Leading Out recognizes that teachers, much like schools, have many unique attributes and our passion is to showcase both of them, which allows all parties to make an informed employment choice.

Globally enhance your staff and students’ learning by hiring diverse teachers from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

 Our Teachers:

  • Qualified with appropriate certification for preschool through to secondary school
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of specialized subjects
  • Reference-checked to save you time

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 School Testimonials

 “Leading Out has provided, over the past 2 years, an outstanding service that has ensured that our student programs have not only been sustained by the staff provided, but have also been enriched and invigorated. It has been the case that whatever challenge I put to them (eg. Graphics teacher for Terms 3 and 4) they have met it. The staff provided have been flexible, willing to take on whatever is required, knowledgeable about their subject areas and  ready to take on any other tasks presented to them. Leading Out teachers have been readily accepted by both students and staff at our school. The placement of Leading Out teachers at our school has been mutually beneficial and I will continue to confidently use this agency whilst an understanding of the needs of my school remains  important to them.”

Barbara Mothersdale, Principal,
Outer Eastern Secondary College

“In June 2010, we were in need of a Maths/Science teacher.  I had exhausted all normal avenues but remember an email I had received about hiring through Leading Out. I emailed and received immediate response.  Leading Out sent a profile of a young Canadian teacher. He was a first year out but very keen and an extremely pleasant young man.

We hired him on a six month contract.  It has been a pleasure working with Leading Out and also a pleasure to have another aspect to teaching that the Canadian teacher has brought to our school.
I highly recommend using this option of hiring staff in times of need.”?

Jane Kuipers Kuipers, Business Manager,
Outer Eastern Secondary College

“We had an urgent need to employ two classroom teachers and Leading Out provided us with two outstanding teachers who really added value to our teaching team. Leading Out was great in providing high-calibre teachers for our school in 2009.? ?The professionalism of Leading Out throughout the process was excellent – their attention to detail, the pre-screening of possible teachers and follow-up service could not be faulted.? ?As an added bonus, the Leading Out teachers brought with them an invaluable international dimension to our teaching team and certainly enriched the culture of our school.? ?I recommend Leading Out as a great organisation to source high quality teachers for your school.”  

Henry Grossek, Principal,
Outer Eastern Melb. Primary School

“My school was desperate to hire a quality teacher for a 6 month vacancy. A colleague mentioned Leading Out. I followed this up and through contact with Vicky was subsequently privileged to appoint one of this company’s teachers. From the day she arrived this teacher’s professionalism and passion for teaching, her flexibility and the high expectations of herself and the students shone through. We have loved having her on board and don’t want her to leave. This teacher quickly adjusted to the Victorian curriculum, worked capably as a team member and quickly earned the respect of the whole community. It has been a joy having a person of such high calibre working in our school. I am also very appreciative of Vicky who made time to visit and fully explain the breadth of the Leading Out services. We are now looking forward to our first International Intern arriving in April of next year. I will continue to use Leading Out as a source for high quality teachers and wherever possible incorporate other elements of this service into my school.”                                   

 Sheryl Chard, Principal,
Eastern Melb PS

“Leading Out was recommended to me by a friend in the West. It was my first experience of a Skype interview. I have been extremely pleased with the candidates Leading Out has offered in hard to staff areas. The biggest benefit in hiring from Leading Out is subject discipline knowledge, passion for teaching, and the positive flow and affect this has in the classrooms. I can recommend their professional approach, and thorough screening, before they offer the candidate to you.”

Jennifer Malberg, Principal,
Western Melb. Secondary School

“I began working with Leading Out this year and have been very impressed with this agency. When we have made a request for a teacher we have quickly been provided with information on teachers with relevant qualifications. Leading Out appears to take care in recruiting good candidates. We recently sought to business sponsor one of our teachers from the agency so they could stay at our school. Leading Out provided guidance on how the school could work through the various visa business sponsorship steps. Leading Out is very professional in their approach.”

 Sue Peddlesden, Principal,
Outer Eastern Melb. Secondary College

“It was wonderful to work with Leading Out to fill a hard-to-fill short-term Science vacancy. We interviewed Christie on the phone and Leading Out did the rest in terms of registration, accommodation, and orientation. Christie has settled into our community and we have an enthusiastic science teacher who shares her culture and has been keen to be involved at all levels of the school so as to experience our culture. I highly recommend Leading Out. They are there to support your staffing needs and also create a great international link for students and staff.” 

Gail Davidson, Principal &
Attendee at the Federal 2020 summit 2008, NHS

“In an environment where it is increasingly difficult to source teachers I have found Leading Out an invaluable resource. They have been able to consistently source quality teachers in hard to fill vacancies saving the school an enormous amount of time and effort in the process. The teachers they provide are enthusiastic and highly professional. I particularly like the way Leading Out rigorously screens the teachers that they recommend to the school, which gives us, added confidence in the service that they provide. I highly recommend Leading Out to you.”     

Steve Cook, Campus Principal,
Western Melb. HS

“A colleague referred Leading Out to me after I complained about not being able to find short term replacement teachers. On contacting Leading Out I have found the service to be prompt in responding to requests, professional in approach and follow up and understanding in relation to need.”

Danny Mulqueen, Principal,
South Melb PS

” Our school has found Leading Out to be of great service in assisting us to fill staffing vacancies that have arisen during the year, with high quality and professional young teachers. All the hard work has been taken out of trying to find appropriate and trained teachers of the standard we require who are ready and keen to work in our schools”.

Register Now ButtonDeborah Grossek, Principal,
Eastern Melb. PS

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