Australia Testimonia – Steven – Hamilton, ON


Home: Hamilton, Ontario

University: Trent

Subject Area: English, sponsored long-term contract with partner

“I started with Leading Out long before I ever came to Australia.  It was highly recommended by other Australians I was working with in Canada.  They were extremely helpful in getting the process sorted for me and were very patient with the numerous VISA hiccups my wife and I had.  They got us into a great house with other wonderful business people and we loved it.  Leading Out found me a full time job long after the school year had started and it is the best staff I have ever worked with.

The information packages they offer you before and after you get to Australia have not only been priceless to me but my wife as well.  Their knowledge on things you need and ways to get the things you need are paramount. My wife and I have not travelled much because we have been seeing all the sites around Melbourne first but there is a lot!  We are going to Tasmania for a week and Sydney for a few days, it is very cheap to fly inside the country.

Australia certainly pays you better than most schools in Canada, particularly with the job market.  Now Australia is more expensive to live in but if you shop wisely and look for sales you can save a ton of money.  I highly recommend Leading Out, and I have already recommended Leading Out.”

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