Australia Testimonia – Alison – Midhurst, ON


Ali - Canadian teacher in Australia


Home: Midhurst, Ontario

University: York

Subject Area: Methematics

What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

I chose the full package with Leading Out because I wanted this experience to go smoothly and it was worth every cent. Before I came over, Leading Out set up my bank account and assisted me in finding accommodation. Upon my arrival, they picked me up from the airport and immediately told me I had an interview in two days. They have also helped me with my sponsorship questions and keeps up to date on my employment status. They even helped me when I had trouble with a landlord not fixing the plumbing. They have made sure I have been able to participate in my favourite sports here in Melbourne. I am very happy to have chosen Leading Out. I would not be able to travel unless I had money to travel. Leading Out helped me get an interview and I got a contract at a school and I have traveled heaps because of it.

The best place travelled within Australia:

I can’t choose a single place to be the best place I have traveled. The Great Ocean Road is phenomenal. I loved the penguins and koalas on Philip Island. Sydney is incredible for the Harbour, the Opera House, the Rocks, Chinatown, Bondi Beach (SURFING!!), the night life, and so much more. Byron Bay is great if you want the hippie experience and you want to watch whales and have a beautiful walk to a light house. Lamington National Park is incredible but expensive. I did a 17 km hike with 16 river crossings on Canada Day and it was beautiful and serene. Cairns is fabulous for the lagoon, the Great Barrier Reef, the night markets, and the night life.

Tips for International Teachers?

Choose the full package so that your travels and work are stress-free.  Save up before you come over for a bit of a start-up fund so that you are able to explore right away.  Don’t say no to anything unless it costs way too much or is dangerous because you are here to try new experiences.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I started on a contract and my school offered me sponsorship so I have only worked at one school in Melbourne. I really enjoy the staff, the location of the school (right on the bay), and the students are very fun. Australians have a great sense of humour. The mathematics in Australia is basically the exact same as in Ontario, Canada but they teach everything one year earlier in Australia. Students take standardized tests in Australia on a regular basis (year 7, year 9, and then in VCE) and schools are very competitive when it comes to their results and Canada has standardized tests in mathematics in one year only. Math is called Maths in Australia. They will laugh at you if you don’t add an “s.” I found it to be a pretty smooth transition between teaching mathematics in Canada to teaching it in Australia. My staff is phenomenal in Melbourne, just as in Canada, and were very helpful. There really is not much streaming in Australia compared to Ontario.

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