Australia Testimonial – Erin – Nipissing, ON


Home: Haliburton, Ontario

University: Nippissing

Subject Area: Primary, taught in a rural school in Australia


What Leading Out support and services have you enjoyed, or have assisted you, the most?

Leading out was very helpful in finding me a place to live. I also was very thankful for the bank set up, and the help with all the paper work that needs to be done.  Leading Out is always there to answer any questions you may have.  I felt like I had a security net the entire time.

I was in a rural community, and the most helpful was the fact that Leading Out was always in contact with my principal.  You never feel alone!

The best place traveled within Australia:

The best place I have traveled so far in Australia, would have to be Fraser Island.  My traveling partner and I went up the sunshine coast for our two week school holiday.  The Sunshine Coast is beautiful!  We ended it with a tour of Fraser Island.  It is the most beautiful and unique place I have ever seen!  It is a must!  We did the three days two nights tour.

Tips for International Teachers?

It would be good to have some money saved up before you come, in case you don’t get work right away. I was very lucky to have full time work the moment I landed.  That meant I got paid while on vacation.  My experience from my own school, is that a lot of teachers don’t leave any instructions as they are not required too.  In my school board, it is mandatory to have your lessons prepared three days in advance so that if you are sick, there are plans.  That is not the case here in Australia.

Another tip, is take advantage of ALL school trips. I got to see most of Victoria for free! I volunteered for every school trip. I honestly think I was out of the classroom more than I was in.  I learned how to surf, went on rainforest hikes, sea kayaking, mountain climbing, the list goes on, all for free!  It is such a great way to get the true aussie experience and bond with the kids.

If you come in Mid August/Sept. bring warm clothes!  I froze my butt off for quite sometime!  I didn’t believe people when they said it would be cold.  Especially in Melbourne!

Get your VIT in ASAP!   I left mine really late, only because there were issues with police checks.  I had the ontario one done, but not the federal, so everything was delayed.  You can not teach in front of a classroom without it, and it takes a long time to process.  That is number one!  Also bring everything with you as far as documents go.

What have you enjoyed most about teaching in Victoria?

I actually didn’t end up working in Melbourne.  One week before I flew to Australia.  Leading Out contacted myself and my travel partner, to ask if we would mind working in a rural community.  Being from one back home, we were very keen.  We ended up in a little town 3 hours from Melbourne.  It was an amazing experience and I am so glad that I ended up there.  I was hired on full time to coach teachers on smart boards and to teach year nine science.  It was great to become part of a small community like that.  I highly recommend it!  It is really beneficial to have a car if you are going to live outside of the city.

I have not noticed too many differences.  The major difference I would say it the report card.  I was teaching year nine, which I have never done back in Canada, so that in itself was all new to me.  Secondary school reports are much different than elementary.  Other than that, I find kids are the same where ever you are.

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